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This past Friday, my brothers finance, as well as a girl I know’s mother, and a young man were all killed in a horrible single car crash. The car hit a tree and it was basically ripped to pieces. I’m posting this because the girl’s mother was not the only person to pass away in her family recently. Her little sister from suicide a few months ago, as well as her grandmother recently too. As you can imagine the funeral costs are adding up between the three funerals this family has had to have, and I know this is all extremely hard on them. I’m asking if anyone has any money to spare at all, could you please take time to donate to the fund to help with her mothers funeral costs. Even a single dollar could help out if you have it.

"Hey, there was someone asking about a video of Dylan two days ago and in case no one told you yet but it's this one (since I can't send links I just add the YT name of the video) - "Dylan O'Brien's Doo Wop (super cute!) "" —Anonymous

Thanks! I’ll share this

"I'm trying to find a video of Dylan, the one where he's using an app (???) to make a song. He's not singing, but just like snapping, humming, etc. I just love that video and I can't find it! Any help would be appreciated! :)" —chanceux

Ahhhh I’m not sure! Maybe some of my followers can help!?